Betting Tip: New York Giants v. Dallas Cowboys – NFL Week 7

I try to avoid wagering on my beloved Cowboys, or any of the teams I support. One must bet with their head, not with their heart. I am usually the first to admit my teams suck, and have no problem criticizing them. All sentiment aside, the Cowboys and Giants are two teams heading in two different directions. My Cowboys haven’t been this good in a while. Similar to the Cowboys team that won three SB’s in the 90’s, this Cowboys team has a really good offensive line. Drafting offensive linemen in the first round of three of the last four drafts is finally paying off. In fact, one can argue that the Cowboys have the best offensive line in all of football. DeMarco Murray leads the league in rushing, and it is not even close. Murray is getting huge holes to run through, often times getting at least five yards up-field before even being touched. Romo is not having to win games on his own. The effective running game in turn opens up the passing game. Let’s not forget that Romo has Dez Bryant and Jason Witten to throw to. It appears that Jones and Garrett had a plan all along. Go figure! Everyone thought Dallas was going to have the worst defense in the league this year. They are definitely not the best, but they are average or even slightly better. They are a squad that is improving each week. They are 8th overall in points allowed. They looked impressive in shutting down the potent Seahawks rushing attack last week in Seattle. As long as their defense can play like that, they are going to be very hard to beat. The Giants started to look better, when they won three in a row, after losing the first two games of the year – but they were humiliated in Philly last week. They have some key injuries too. WR Victor Cruz, RB Rashad Jennings, and CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie to name a few. This is a divisional game, and the Giants usually play well in Dallas – but this is a different Dallas team. Many feel this might be a let-down game for the Cowboys after beating Seattle, but I think they are going to kick the Giants while they are down. Pick: Cowboys -3.5 at -125 (5Dimes).


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